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All the lessons in the Applied Computer Science programme from Saxion University of Applied Sciences are taught in English, and you will also work alongside students with 25 other nationalities.. Option Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In today’s fast-paced, computer-driven society, combining your previous educational knowledge with applied computer science will open a vast number of employment opportunities. The course might cover topics from basic computer coding to the different types of operating systems and software platforms.

Applied Computer Science BazTech, Cabell's Directory, CNKI Scholar (China National Knowledge Infrastucture), DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), EBSCO ERIH PLUS, Index Copernicus, J-Gate, Google Scholar, TEMA Technik und Management. A course in applied computer science allows scholars to explore computer sciences and the world in which they can be applied without having to sign on for a longer program.

The Applied Computer Science diploma should probably be supplemented with CISCo and Microsoft Certifications, among others, for a full background.
In other words, the Applied Computer Science is a trade school education whereas the University Computer Science curriculum is probably certified.

The Master in Applied Computer Science provides a broad education in data science and engineering with focus on generic smart systems design, complemented with elective minors in digital health, smart cities, environmental informatics, and business intelligence.

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Master of Science in Applied Computer Science Programs allow individuals to gain a comprehensive background in a particular aspect of the computer science field. Learn about the different career options in applied computer science, including those in computer information systems, game design and software engineering.

Then our master in Computer Science is the programme you’re looking for! Do you already have an academic bachelor in Computer Science and would you like to work towards an even deeper scientific understanding and knowledge?

Applied Computer Science students learn how to work with data structures, algorithmic design, information security, software engineering, and take courses on discrete math and survey of calculus. Find Alternative Bachelors . Students of Applied Computer Science at the University of Heidelberg focus on the planning, modelling, design and implementation of complex software and hardware systems and processes.

The Applied Computer Science degree has three options : an Applied Gaming concentration, a Cybersecurity concentration, or no concentration. The combination of hardware, such as sensors and microcontrollers, and software, such as C++ and Java, forms the core of your Applied Computer Science programme.

Publish and read interdisciplinary research results in applications of mathematics to computer science and engineering. Computer science is in high demand in many major industries, including business, health care, food, education, aerospace, energy, mass media and telecommunications. You will discover what real-time embedded systems are, and you will learn all about automating and controlling processes. Typical computer use and troubleshooting may also be a part of the course. AMCS : International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science : PRESENT YOUR RESEARCH WITH US!

The first year of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Applied Computer Science are virtually the same.

Students will deal with the possibilities of structuring, formalisation and mathematization of application areas in the form of special models and simulations. Computer Science.