Book interprets or elaborates on the basic rules and in essence have the same effect as rules when applied to particular sections for which they are intended. It regulates the rules of softball in more than 100 countries including the United States of America. CO-ED SOFTBALL RULES AND REGULATIONS Field of Play The field of play will be a regulation softball field. The manager shall for the: A. There's no doubt that baseball and softball are complex games that are tough for a person to learn if they haven't followed it for their entire lives.

First Offense - … The basic difference between baseball and softball is that in softball, the size of the ball is bigger. Any misuse or reprinting of these Official Rules without the prior written consent of the WBSC is prohibited. Another major difference is that the field of softball is smaller.
A game is considered "official" after 4 full innings are completed, or 3.5 innings if the home team is leading. It was formed in 2013. Wherever “FAST PITCH ONLY (FP ONLY)” appears in the Official Rules, the same rules apply to Modified Pitch with the exception of the pitching rule. Softball is derived from a famous American sport baseball. Little League® Umpire School Rules Instruction Manual Page 4 PENALTY: The player(s) involved shall start the next scheduled game, play any previous requirement not completed for Section (i) and the requirement for this game before being removed.

This Rulebook contains the Official Rules of Fast Pitch Softball (“Official Rules”) of [the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), [formerly operating as the International Softball Fed eration (“ISF”)]. There are many, many more rules than the ones below, and exceptions to a majority of them. New Rules and/or changes are bolded and italicized in each section. From this page you can access the monthly files intended to sharpen your skills as a USA Softball umpire.

Basic softball defensive strategy and tactics is a look at the fundamental defensive components of the game.I have always said that if you can keep your opponents from scoring you only need 1 run to win the game. Defending the offence effectively is critical to the success of your own offence. Welcome to the "Rule Clarifications and Plays" umpire page. References to (SP ONLY) include Co-ed Slow Pitch.
Regulation Game All games will last a total of seven innings or sixty minutes, whichever comes first.

The bases will be approximately 60 feet apart. Here's a simple rundown so that a novice can understand the game without getting too bogged down in the details.

The Official Rules include Rules, Effects , and Appendices.