'Cause we're one and the same We're anything but ordinary One and the same I think we're almost legendary. [Demi:] I'm kinda like you, You're kinda like me. But just like blood and rain, love and pain are one and the same (One and the same) Just like blood and rain, love and pain are one and the same (One and the same) Yeah, yeah, yeah You wear a mask with a target Keep your enemies closer You fall in love from a great height, now the easy part's over Choose your battles, not your soldiers / La, la, la, la, la / Hey, hey, hey! One and the Same 3. Who bore my shame are one, one and the same The way that we can come to know The truth that sets us free, yeah The life that died, God rose again Love revealed You are one and, one and the same I just can't do it with any one name Oh, Holy God of Heaven and the humble man who bore my shame Are one, one and the same Are one, one and the same Revelations 2. For all the people lying dead.

For them to die was a distraction. How shall I begin. And what they found out a bit too late. Until We Fall 5. Your way of... And now it's nothing but reaction. Original Fire 6. Your way of thinking.

And The Same Lyrics - Fugazi. [Selena:] We write the same song In a different key [Both:] It's got a rhythm, you and me Can get along (get along) [Selena:] So high and mighty and yet, closer than a friend. / La, la, la, la, la / You come from here, I come from there / You rock out in your room, I rock a world premiere …

Your way of. 1. Shape of Things to Come 9. Somedays 8. And the same could be said. One and the Same Lyrics.
Broken City 7.

To speak about a God that I will never comprehend.

And you think I should be the same? One and the Same Lyrics: Hey, hey, hey! Don’t assume I will follow And drop all my morals So you can look good for the crowd You don’t care about my thoughts Just the light that I brought I’m tired of helping you out They chose to be blind When lonely and shy I searched for acceptance at first Said the traits didn’t match Now you take it all back The beginning and the end… You and me The perfect team Chasing down the dream We're one and the same! Your way of thinking your way … Action, Reaction, Action, Reaction. Sound of a Gun 4.

And now it's nothing but reaction.

Got covered up with all that hate. Jewel of the Summertime