By Father Edward McNamara, LC. At the time of his death, his wife wants to change the casket specified in the pre-need contract and to add visitation hours. If you will be holding a viewing or visitation at a funeral home, the funeral home may charge you for use of the facility and room set-up. Synonyms for funeral include burial, cremation, committal, entombment, inhumation, interment, obsequies, burying, exequies and sepulture. Synonyms for funeral home in Free Thesaurus. At the funeral, you usually get a MASS CARD with a saint on it and a prayer along with the deceased name… Along with words of condolence, sending flowers or a small gift is a wonderful way to show you care. There are approximately 25,470 morticians, undertakers, and funeral directors in the United States. This rite signifies the transition from the private expression of the personal grief of the family in the home to the more public liturgical expression of the local parish community's prayerful support for the deceased and relatives…. FUNERAL HOME - A building used for the purpose of embalming, arranging and conducting funerals. Because cultures and religions affect burial customs, funeral home workers must be sensitive and knowledgeable to these differences. The funeral program (sometimes called a funeral brochure, pamphlet or funeral order of service) is the printed document that is given out funeral or memorial services that outlines the key points in the funeral or memorial service and summarizes the life achievements of your deceased loved one. With the Dignity Memorial online obituary, it's simple to order a bouquet or another token of care and have it delivered directly to the funeral service or the family’s home. What are synonyms for funeral home? Funeral Masses by Another Name . Funeral attendants hold another 35,290 … What is a Funeral Program? Takes place at the funeral home, your own home, or the social hall at a religious place of worship; May take place before or after the funeral and disposition; Cost Of A Viewing Or Visitation. American an undertaker. Antonyms for funeral home. funeral noun. 6. (Her/His) funeral will be held on (day of week) at (name of funeral home) at (time) in (location). a ceremony that takes place after someone dies, usually including a religious ceremony, and the formal process of taking the body to the place where it is buried or cremated ... funeral director noun. Send flowers or gifts directly to the service or family's home. Words for Condolence Cards and Sympathy Cards Life events such as coping with the loss of a loved one and writing a sympathy card are hard enough, but sometimes related tasks seem to be easier upon starting them and you realize, they are actually harder than you first thought. Example: Mr. Green made pre-need arrangements in 1980; he dies in 2010. The obituary is the formal notice in the newspaper that someone has died. 5 synonyms for funeral home: funeral chapel, funeral church, funeral parlor, funeral parlour, funeral-residence. FUNERAL DIRECTOR - A person who prepares for the burial or other disposition of dead human bodies, supervises such burial or disposition, maintains a funeral establishment for such purposes. funeral home noun.

The (last name) family are sad to announce that (name) passed away peacefully last (day of week). Also known as a mortician or undertaker. (She/he) was surrounded by loved ones and at peace when the final moment came.

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