This project is intended to design an articulated robotic arm which could locate a point in space with its given coordinates at three degrees of freedom. Therefore,

A pulse could have a different effect on servos with different specifications. This is the next article in series of articles on types of robots. 1, the torque caused by robot’s own weight is extremely high.In addition to that, when the robot is loaded at its maximum capacity, the stress on the second axis arm is increasing and it … This chain of revolute joints provides greater freedom and dexterity in movement of the articulated robotic arm.

Basic articulated robots are sometimes available in robotics kits, allowing people who are just starting to explore robotics to play with rotary joints and to get a feel for how they operate. More sophisticated robots may be built for a special purpose by robotics experts who design every component of the articulated robot from the ground up. SCARA and PUMA are the most popularly used articulated robots in assembly lines and packaging processes. This study intends to investigate the design, implementation and control of a 5 DoF articulated robotic arm using servo motors and PIC 16F877A microcontroller. The modeling of robotic manipulator is done by CAD software CREO and AutoCAD, analysis is performed on ANSYS. Forward Kinematics of Articulated Robotic Arm Suyash Shrivastava1, Eklavya Gupta2 1Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ... 2015) had design a 4 DOF articulated robotic manipulator with gripper for pick and place operation. This is a clip from How it's Made showing the assembly of a simple robot arm. When the articulated robots extend their arms in full and horizontally as shown in Fig. Articulated Robots have all the joints of single axis revolute or rotary type. Articulated robots have jointed arms and hands and are programmed to perform a task.

The advantage of this microcontroller its low cost and in-circuit programmability [10].