The NFPA requires inspection of your extinguisher every month. The fire extinguisher exam may be taken in paper or computer format.

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Tests and Inspections Required by OSHA. Monthly Inspections. As for refills or extended service, the price to replace an extinguisher will usually cost less than testing and refilling so expect to have them replaced every five years with new ones. If they don't provide the service, they will know who does. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors provides information on fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection .

Refilling a fire extinguisher typically costs $15-$20. An inspection of each of your extinguishers is often required by NFPA or the local AHJ.

During this check a Cintas technician will visually inspect the unit, clean, check pull pin as well as provide documentation of the inspection. Annual Maintenance.

The cost of a 20-lb fire extinguisher is usually between $150 – $200+ dollars. CFS Fire Protection, Inc. is a Professional Fire Protection Inspection and Certification Testing Company conducting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-10) compliant Inspection Services enforced by the California Fire Marshal to Inspect, Recharge, Test, Maintain and Certify Commercial Portable Fire Extinguishers. The twenty (20) pound portable fire extinguisher is even larger and is designed more for industrial or commercial settings such as a warehouse or commercial building. If you use a modern internet-based service company, your price is likely to include all the parts with the cost per extinguisher serviced being around £5-£15. Additional costs: Refilling or recharging a fire extinguisher can usually be done by a local fire station.