Also, they’re usually just software or cloud apps, not actually a physical robot. Human know what human want, the human teacher may have the same past to the students. While robots will hopefully eliminate much of the need for human teachers, there will and should be human teachers for as long as humanity exists. They’re not, by a long shot, but as an adjunct to human teachers they have some advantages. Every human is unique in it's own ways meaning that all human teachers are not the same and have different ways of teaching, whilst a robot teacher will have the same set of protocols, analyzing manners and recognition patterns. They will understand the students feeling, they can help the student solve their problems. Author has 2.3k answers and 4.7m answer views. In a world where news anchors are being replaced by robots, teachers can feel that their jobs are safe because students will need teachers to foster needed higher-order thinking skills, which only human teachers can provide, Andre Perry, a Brookings Institution fellow, asserts in a column for the Hechinger Report. Therefore, the humanteachers are better than the computer teachers are. Robots will surely be a powerful tool in education just like pencils, books, computers, and the internet are, but total replacement would be absurd.