A great deal of driving tests are failed due to nerves, but many more are failed due to not being properly and fully prepared. I'm taking my test soon and I'm really nervous about failing. This is the article for BBDC … Your private instructor will then liaise with us on booking of your new test date.

Private customers (Course Code: P3, P3A) are to liaise with your private driving instructor. The driving test tips and advice section provides all the information you need to be fully aware of what to expect on the day of the practical test, tips on how to pass and information on test routes and test centres. With the essential skills and knowledge you have acquired during your practical driving lessons, you are ready for your practical test. This is where the meat begins. Tips for passing driving test? Experience a full run of the test on paper and learn tips and tricks at every stage of the test including warm up, post warm up, in the circuit and on the road. My driving experience from being a Class 3 Manual student in Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) and ... practice really makes perfect. d. Previous Traffic Police test date and test timing. Getting your driving license settled during your 2 yearsin NS might be of help, especially if you happen to wear your uniform during your practical test. Allotment of test date will be in sequence according to Circuit Breaker Period. An important tip on passing your practical driving test is drive safely. Chapter 4: Singapore Driving Test Walkthrough A Virtual Experience, from Warm Up to Post Test. On the circuit I mostly can finish all the courses without a hitch, but when I panic I tend to forget the steps to take for parking and I keep fixating on whether I will mount kerb for the narrower courses.
Arrive early at your test venue, be mentally prepared and remain confident during the test. The street images are captured from Google images with driving tips gathered from the various BBDC driver instructors.

This article is to help those who are learning to drive in the Singapore Bukit Batok Driving Centre and to help them get familiar with the 10 different test routes.

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