Let’s make these Peach Bellinis, close our eyes and pretend we are on vacation. I also use peach schnapps in this recipe — the schnapps is also not necessarily a very traditional ingredient (this is not a purist’s bellini, but it is a good one! The Best Peach Schnapps Bellini Recipes on Yummly | Peach Basil Bellinis, Non-alcoholic Peach/mango Bellini Cocktail, Nini Bellini ), but I love the flavor that it adds, as well as the extra bite! You have got to try this easy cocktails recipe! sundae syrup, frozen peach slices, cinnamon, peach schnapps, graham cracker crumbs and 2 more Peach Ginger Bellini Cooking Channel frozen peaches, champagne, fresh ginger, ice … Peach bellini cocktails are the perfect brunch cocktail, made with fresh peaches, peach schnapps, and of course, champagne. You have got to try this easy cocktails recipe! This frozen Peach Bellini recipe is an upgrade on the classic Italian cocktail made with just three ingredients: sweet peaches, prosecco and peach schnapps! I have a plan.