Alex, CCD Calculator does NOT show the field of view of the telescope optics. H is the hyperfocal distance; f is the focal length; s is the focus distance; D n is the near DoF limit; D f is the far DoF limit; N is the f-number; c is the circle of confusion; Equivalent Lenses.

I want the field of view of the OPTICS, and that's not possible without knowing the *equivalent of* magnification. Parameters for artificial star distance, roddier test, eyepiece projection. Depth of field and hyperfocal distances are calculated using the following formulas. It can also be referred to as the angle of view or the angular field of view. It does what anyone else can do by hand, which is show the field of view of the CCD sensor. The Field of View is the horizontal (or vertical or diagonal) length of the image at a given distance from the lens. To use this calculator, first work out the coverage for one dimension of the chip and then perform the calculation again for the other dimension. The right-hand diagram illustrates different Fields of View at different distances from the lens. The field of view of a CCD camera is the amount of sky it covers through a telescope and is determined by the size of the CCD chip and the focal length of the telescope.

The size of the projected image given a certain focal length can be calculated by the following formula. A simplified calculation for 1/4-inch CCTV lens can be made using the following formula: W (horizontal width) = (distance) * 3.2 mm / (Lens Focal Length) Used in a telescope with a 1000mm prime focal length, the magnification is 40x. Don't try to tell me "magnification means nothing here". The question is degrees of what? Projected Image Size (mm) = angular size (arcseconds) * focal length (mm) / 205,714.0 For example an object 1800 arcseconds in diameter like the Moon in a telescope with a focal length of 1000mm will project an image of the Moon on the sensor 8.75mm in size. Calculate CCD Field of View. Feel free to use the CCTV Field of View Calculator above for your own calculations. The true field of view is therefore 1.25-degrees (50/40=1.25). Astrophotography and CCD calculator screenshot .

The angular field of view is stated in horizontal and vertical degrees. The field of view (or FOV) is the total height and width of the view seen through the cctv security camera lens. Filmmakers are usually interested in the Field of View at the distance where actors are standing.. Vignetting and field of view, coma, focal depth, thermal shift of focus. In CCTV Field of View depends on a number of factors such as the sensor format, the focal length of a lens, and the distance from the objects.

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