The Battle of Christmas Island was a small engagement which began on 31 March 1942, during World War II.Because of a mutiny by soldiers of the British Indian Army against their British officers, Imperial Japanese Army troops were able to occupy Christmas Island without any land-based resistance.

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Christmas Island, island in the Indian Ocean administered as an external territory of Australia. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Christmas Island History should be addressed to the CIA. The United States Navy submarine Seawolf caused severe damage to the Imperial … Christmas Island has a fascinating history and culture which has formed a unique community, architecture and landscape.. You are encouraged to try authentic local experiences through food, celebrations and joining in with community regular and special occasions. After 28 days he arrived on Christmas Island. It was the discovery of phosphate in 1888 which was to guide the island’s destiny for the next century. Captain William Mynors of the British East India Company ship, the Royal Mary, gave the island its name because they arrived on Christmas Day, 25 December 1643.. - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below this line. It is the summit of an oceanic mountain whose highest point on the island is Murray Hill, rising to 1,184 feet (361 meters) in the western part of the island. History. The earliest recorded visit was in March 1688 by William Dampier of the British ship Cygnet.Dampier was blown away from the direction he wanted to go, and he got lost. - Please bookmark this page (add it to your favorites). Behind the laid-back multicultural ambience of Christmas Island today lies a fascinating and sometimes turbulent history. The main settlement is at Flying Fish Cove. History and Culture. Christmas Island History. Kiritimati or Christmas Island is a Pacific Ocean raised coral atoll in the northern Line Islands.It is part of the Republic of Kiribati.Its name is a respelling of the English word "Christmas" according to the Kiribati language's conventions for the Latin script, in which the combination ti is pronounced s, and the name is thus pronounced / k ə ˈ r ɪ s m ə s /.

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