Trying to play this with my GF and the ability to play splitscreen decides wether we buy it on PC or xbox. But it doesn't allow for split-screen co-op—if you wanted to play with friends, you had to do it online. (Horizontal splitscreen). Most racers have split-screen, so we can’t put them all but we tried to cover different racing styles ranging from arcade to simulation etc. Nope, and ill save you the trouble and also add that Local Co-op is mostly not a thing for PC gaming. We have actually opted for a few games that serve the same purpose as split-screen games, which is couch co-op experience on a single shared screen.
The only exception is Local LAN play which is what Borderlands does do, and the very very VERY rare exceptions where a game has some sort of crazy "player 1 uses the left side of the keyboard, player 2 uses the right" setup which is about as awful as it sounds. Borderlands 2 's Killer PC Version Gives Us A Taste Of The Future

Well, until now. ... Unlses you have a massive screen for your pc - split screen on pc sounds like a bad idea.

Login Store Community Support Change language ... Borderlands 2. Same goes for Borderlands. I'm having an issue when using 2 mices and 2 keyboards for 2 player split screen borderlands 2.