Lilith and Inarius (Diablo) I watched the trailer for Diablo 4 and whoops, I hopped onto the doomed love train again.

Over time, Inarius adjusted the Worldstone to bit by bit reduce the nephalem’s capacity. Filename inarius_and_lilith_by_harpokrates_d8kjf9y-fullview.jpg File size 264.2 KB Dimensions 1024px x 1576px
Necromancer Bone Storm Build With Inarius Set. Lilith was a demon that became lovers with Inarius, an angel. By Toni | Published November 2, 2019 | Full … While Lilith was the most noteworthy as the subject of the cinematic trailer, the dark horse is Inarius, her former lover and the co-creator of Sanctuary and the Nephalem. Inarius was punished by the Angiris council and was given as a gift to Mephisto for his wrongdoings. Anu, Tathamet, Lilith, Inarius, and Rathma - …

In the lore, it's implied that Lilith sees Inarius as a means to an end, while Inarius seems to be besotted by her. So we know Blizzard intended to release a comic book series depicting Lilith and Inarius, the mother and father respectively of the Nephalem. The story of Diablo 1, Diablo 2, and Diablo 3 doesn't fully explain all the lore of Diablo.

Diablo IV Inarius and Lilith Concept Art. Lilith became interested and used her charms as the Queen of the Succubi to charm Inarius. Lilith was a demon that became lovers with Inarius, an angel. After one the battles, she was able to capture an Angel by the name of Inarius and took him prisoner. So yeah. If you still have doubts that Inarius is the one shown in the cinematic, then let me rest my case showing you one of the concept art shown at the BlizzCon 2019 Diablo IV: Unveiled panel (transcript) — featuring none other than Inarius and Lilith.. Inarius has a son with Lilith named Rathma whom is the predecessor of Necromancers and a follower of balance. I'm a huge fan of Diablo story and I feel Diablo 3 really pushed its limits regarding the story which I'm very happy about. Inarius and Lilith expansion? Undoing the work of Inarius, Lilith altered the Worldstone, and the nephalem began to regain their immense power again.

Lilith meets with Inarius. If the new Diablo game isn’t a prequel, my guess is Inarius and Imperius team up to destroy the Nephalem since that was something they both wanted and Lilith somehow escapes her banishment and helps the Nephalem.

But one thing I would like to see is an expansion to Lilith and Inarius story. That’s how I see it too. Question.

Die Gnade des Inarius gehört zu den besten Sets des Totenbeschwörers in Diablo 3.

Basically her and Inarius got tired of fighting. When Inarius woke up, he started mumbling about how he wanted to be free of the eternal conflict. Mit Lilith wird in Diablo 4 sehr wahrscheinlich auch Inarius einen Auftritt haben, der bereits im Trailer kurz zu sehen war. Inarius, in the interim, was stunned at the brutality of her reaction and exiled her into the Void, an endless domain of vacancy that caught Lilith. Many ages went until the powerless, mortal race of humankind appeared. In Diablo 3, little remains of Lilith, though her writings can be located within the Pandemonium Fortress.