Make sure the mask is selected, and go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

Photoshop CS6 and CC (Creative Cloud) users will want to check out our fully updated Photoshop Weather Effects – Snow …
On this free snow overlay for Photoshop you can see beautiful large and clear snowflakes. If a color cast makes your photo look unnatural, try correcting it with this quick technique. The problem with combining multiple layers is that you end up with a lot of snow. This version of the tutorial is for Photoshop CS5 and earlier. Add a Levels adjustment layer. Go to the Layers panel, click the Create new fill or adjustment layer icon, and choose Levels. Hey Cafe Crew, it’s Colin Smith here from Photoshop Cafe and today, I am going to show you how to make animated snow inside of Photoshop. They are placed on your pictures randomly.

So now, we are going to create snow from scratch and then I am going to show you how to animate it. Cold evenings and cozy plaids, a ring of snowflakes and the shine of sidewalks in the lights of lanterns, frozen spruce branches and bizarre icicles hanging from the roofs of native high-rise buildings. The image has now been completely transformed from a vibrant summery scene to a cold and snowy wintry scene with the help of these Photoshop adjustments. We recently published a tutorial showing how to add snow to a still image, so in this tutorial, we decided that it would be fun to show how to create a realistic-looking animated snowfall effect in Photoshop, and then turn it into an animated GIF file. The Hue/Saturation tweaks helped replace the warm colours with cooler tones while the colour range selection added a touch of frost to the grass and foliage.

A color cast is an overall wash of color caused by the lighting in which a photo was shot. To do so, give your Snow layer a mask. In this Photoshop Effects tutorial, we'll learn how to easily add realistic falling snow to a winter photo. The effect was then reinforced with the addition of a realistic snow effect made entirely in … They are placed on your pictures randomly.

If you are looking to create a snowstorm, this is great, but otherwise you will need to soften the effect a little bit.

Digitally created snow can often be quite difficult to generate in Photoshop, in a realistic-looking way. How to make ANIMATED SNOW in PHOTOSHOP overlay for photos or video.