Babies at this age still aren't very mobile, so they don't mind the feeling of a blanket wrapped around them. Find out how the innovative zip-up swaddle can … Swaddle at the right age. The sole exception to this tips is for the preemies. Arms down not crossed: When swaddling your baby, you should let their arms down to the body’s sides and not crossed forwards. Swaddle Transition Plan Step 3: Transition to a wearable blanket. This zip-up, arms up swaddle pod is built so a baby’s arms stay in that comfy, raised position. What to look for: Stretch the swaddle wing diagonally downwards to remove any slack. The best time to swaddle babies is when they are still infants, before they're able to turn over to their bellies. When babies are newborns, being wrapped up in a blanket feels good, because it mimics the feeling of being inside the womb.

This is usually in babies who seem to be more comfortable with their arms free. Make sure it covers the shoulder completely up to the neck. For a 4-month old baby or newborn, it's easy. See the step by step method on how to swaddle a baby with arms out, with head covered, using swaddle blanket. Once your baby has taken to the arms-out swaddle style, it’s time to switch over to a wearable blanket. It’s made of cotton and has a two-way zipper for fast diaper changes. Leave the baby’s arms free and swaddle only under his or her arms. We recommend the Zen Sack - it has a lightly weighted pad, which rests on your baby's chest, just where your palm would go. Swaddling isn't a new practice, but over time research has shown more about why it helps and how to do it safely. This is usually in babies who seem to be more comfortable with their arms free. Secure the wing as far under baby’s back as possible for a secure swaddle. The multi-award-winning swaddling solution that allows your baby to sleep in a natural ARMS UP™ position. It’s also flexible enough that if your baby wants to move her hand to her mouth for self-soothing, she can—it’s got more give in the arms than your average newborn swaddling blankets. The fact is that preemies should be swaddled with the arms on their chest. HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 2: Secure the first swaddle wing Cover your baby’s right shoulder with the swaddle wing as shown. As your baby grows, you might want to keep swaddling for her naps and nighttime sleeps, but to transition from the arms-in swaddle to the arms-out swaddle, which leaves her arms free so that she can suck on her fingers and self-soothe. Learn how to swaddle with step-by-step instructions and a helpful video. How to Swaddle with Arms Out Hello, hello!