If a team has more than two people behind square on the leg side as the ball is bowled, the umpire will call and signal a no ball. Winning the toss the captions decide legging or fielding. If it appears that the ball would have hit the stumps were it not for the batsman's legs, the batsman may be dismissed leg before wicket. However, leg spin has again become popular with cricket fans and a successful part of cricket teams, driven largely by the success of Shane Warne, beginning with his spectacular Ball of the Century to Mike Gatting … Limited Overs Cricket (ODI’s and T20I’s) The same rule that exists in test matches is also applied here!
The Pitch is 8 feet wide and 42-48 feet longer (according to age group or category).
It is played on a circular ground with radius 80 to 120 feet. Leg byes are the most common form of extras scored in Test cricket. Leg Cricket is similar to Cricket in many ways but it is not cricket. The average number of leg byes scored in a Test match is about 20; in a 50 over game it is about 10. It is played between two team consist 11+4 player in each team.