152 August 9, 2010 Lightning is a very underestimated weather hazard and it can easily injure or kill someone. Fatalities and serious injuries can occur if cranes are not inspected and used properly.
3.1.3a – During periods of bad weather, such as lightning or high winds, or where the Crane Operator’s ability to see the signal person is impaired by darkness, fog, rain, etc., crane operations should be restricted, at the Crane Operator’s discretion. Many fatalities can occur when the crane boom, load line or load contacts power lines and shorts electricity to ground. OSHA extends Temporary Enforcement Policy for Proximity Alarm and Insulating Link Use with Cranes and Derricks in Construction until further notice. More about lightning safety is also available from the National Weather Service or the National Lightning Safety Institute in the United-States. A subcontractor had a crawler crane holding a 70-foot long rebar cage in place in a 6-foot wide steel cylindrical Read More OSHA 29 CFR 1926 SUBPART CC Rev1010 DRAFT. Derricks Used in Construction • 29FR926, C 1 SUBPART CC NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR THE CERTIFICATION OF CRANE OPERATORS (NCCCO) Reprinted from Federal Register, Vol. This page addresses these particular dangers and discusses the proper steps that need to be taken outdoor … You should contact the organization(s) directly for more information about their information and/or services. Operating a crane during a thunderstorm can obviously be incredibly dangerous. (*We have mentioned these organizations as a means of providing a potentially useful referral.

Cranes, derricks, and hoists will be used to move the large, heavy loads during wind turbine installation and maintenance. OSHA Memorandum, (March 31, 2014).

Many thanks to Krookid Photography for use of their crane and lightning photo! Take a look at some of the safety precautions crane operators can take during a thunderstorm. Memo to Regional Administrators.
75, No. I’m an occupational safety inspector in our state labor department, and some questions about lightning safety during crane operations came up during an inspection of a concrete pour for a bridge piling. OSHA Rule for Cranes and . If lightning were to strike your crane while you were using it, it could prove to be catastrophic and could put your employees at risk.