Classic modern and cutting edge design products for adults and kids, including items produced exclusively for the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and items represented in its collection. Directly across the street from the Museum, the MoMA Design Store showcases a sophisticated collection of design objects, gifts, jewelry, personal accessories and much more. Play musical tunes in 18 note and original sounds, movie and cartoon clips from Wizard of Oz and Looney Tunes You can find our popular Snowball Globe at the Museum Store where you can enjoy watching the snow fall indoors. Each globe is expertly handcrafted, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving only the highest quality.Every piece is carefully put in place.

MoMA Store. Shop desk accessories at MoMA Design Store. Traditionally crafted with a glass globe, snow globes feature bases made of materials like pewter, wood, and resin. At MoMA Design Store, you will find classics of yesterday and today, from humble masterpieces to transformative technologies. Once your eyes adjust to the darkness, sparking blues, purples, greens and golds emerge in an endlessly satisfying dance. Water Globes - Snow Globes | Musical water globes, snow globes, snow domes, waterballs. When shaken, the transparent sphere blacks out as swirling patterns converge and combine. These whimsical treasures date back hundreds of years and still spread joy today through the capturing of scenes and figures in water. Once your eyes adjust to the darkness, sparkling blues, purples, greens, and gold subtly emerge.
Every product is tested for visual appeal and function. Design that elevates the everyday. Not your ordinary winter-wonderland snow globe, this elegant orb conjures the infinite depth of the night sky. Snow Globes. Choose from a wide assortment of self-spinning globes - from traditional world maps in an array of colors and styles to outer space globes. SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE AVAILABLE NOW : Produced by Russ Twitter : @russdiemon Instagram : @russ Facebook : @russtheone. It is irresistible and mesmerizing. Many models also play music and offer compartments to store a multitude of mementos. The Eclipse snow globe conjures the infinite depth of the night sky. When shaken, swirling dark patterns converge and combine in an endlessly satisfying dance.