Overwatch fans around the world have long clamored for more lore and stories revolving around their favorite heroes, and now they have some in the form of a new short story and an in-game event.

Mercy was the focus of a short story, "Valkyrie", released on November 11, 2019, written by Michael Chu, which focuses on the period around her joining of the Overwatch team. Embed Story Share via Email Read ... Overwatch Genji x Mercy fan fiction.

Overwatch's latest limited-time event comes with a short story about Mercy that players can read online.The story is called Valkyrie, and it's penned by Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu.The event pushes players to win nine matches to earn the new … Confront the past.

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You could play Overwatch and only get the slightest inklings or hints of the greater story. Mercy, when she's not busy going through a billion different changes thanks to the Blizzard team, is one of the most beloved healers in Overwatch.We saw her with a new look in Overwatch 2 during BlizzCon this year, and now we're getting an even closer look at her internal struggle with a new free short called Valkyrie. This time it's all about everyone's favorite medic Dr. Angela Zeigler, better known as Mercy. The story tied into a limited "Mercy's Recall Challenge" event that allowed players to earn cosmetic items tied to the story. Blizzard has released a brand new story-related feature for one of the heroes in Overwatch. In VALKYRIE, a new Overwatch short story, Mercy wrestles with whether she should join the fight again. Dr Ziegler has a soft spot for one of her patients, will anything become of their budding friendship? Writing - Overwatch Genji & Mercy Short Story 476 Reads 30 Votes 1 Part Story.

Overwatch makes a conscious decision to separate the lore or narrative from its gameplay.