Paladin's Quest is a 1-player RPG where the player moves around the world and in locations using an overhead view with up to four members in the party. Paladin's Quest: Fix Your Own Mess. The video game is the sequel to Lennus ; unlike Lennus , which Enix brought to North America under the title of Paladin's Quest, Lennus II was released only in Japan but was later translated by fans in 2008. Paladin’s Quest – Game Genie Codes The following are known Game Genie Codes for Paladin’s Quest on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Lennus 2 (Paladin's Quest 2) Info Lennus II: The Apostles Of The Seals is a RPG game released in 1996 by Asmik Corporation for the Snes. ''Paladin's Quest'' is a strange game in many aspects. Randomly encountered monsters engage in a first-person view battle mode that is played using turn-based commands to each player. Still time to save. In this episode of Unepic Adventures I review four of the weirdest RPGs on the SNES. No idea when I'll work on it again. Everything about this game is new, different, and weird. It gave the Dragon Quest/Warrior series, and also Lennus (Paladin's Quest) – there is a DQ cameo when you first visit the Throne of the Immortals, and with NES graphics.

This game is by far the most under looked title in Enix's SNES RPG line up. Paladin's Quest, originally released as Lennus: Kodai Kikai no Kioku (レナス 古代機械の記憶, "Lennus: Memories of an Ancient Machine") in Japan, is a utopian/dystopian science fantasy role-playing video game developed by Copya System and published in Japan by Asmik Corporation on November 13, 1992, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Paladin's Quest is a traditional turn-based Japanese RPG from Copya System, originally released in Japan with the title Lennus: Kodai Kikai no Kioku ("Lennus: Memories of the Ancient Machine"). EEEB-6D1F Chezni starts with 255 maximum HP EEE6-673F Chezni starts with 255 present HP 46EB-6D3F Chezni starts with 40 Power and 42 Attack 7AEB-6D3F Chezni starts with 60 Power and 62 Attack F3EB-6F3F […] Old video (like 2 years old or something), but the best time I've managed on this. Before joining forces with Squaresoft, Enix was its own video game producer. Paladin's Quest may not have been as popular as some of it's contemporaries on the SNES, but it is still a great game that is a lot of fun. But, I guess Enix was targeting the Final Fantasy fans at the time and thought the title "Paladin's Quest" would entice them enough to purchase it and give the game a try. Based on the 1992 Japanese release by Asmik called ''Lennus'' (this name will make more sense later), Enix brought us ''Paladin's Quest'' in 1993. Which of these strange Super Nintendo JRPGs are good, … Durning the game, you only have two characters that stay with you, learn new magic, or can buy and use armor and weapons.

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