Dror was our guide and Charlie was the driver. Your tour guide, Simon bar David, will teach that (1) God gives us leaders, (2) God has a plan for our lives, and (3) God guides us.
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March 2, 2010 - PRLog-- Gil Travel, leading Israel tour specialists since 1974, recently organized a Christian Israel tour for a group of 130 pastors and their spouses led by General Bishop Charles Scott of the Pentecostal Church of God International. Bilingual Spanish and English tours to the Holy Land were marketed towards pastors in order to encourage more churches to bring their congregations to Israel. × Tips during your Holy Land tour: It's important to consider your Tour Guides and Drivers work very hard to make your tour an experience of a lifetime, and most of their annual income comes from the generosity of those they are serving during the tours. Add to Cart.

For over 50 years, Kenes Christian Tours has dominated Holy Land travel. Board your flight to depart for Cairo.

We specialize in only one thing - Holy Land Tours, and we do it very well. Our Vision; Our strength and our values; Partners; Contact Us . This year will be the Church's Second trip to Israel to visit the Holy Land and explore Israel. 1. Kenes Christian Tours is a large company and as such, allows us to give you value for your money. THE 10 DAYS ITINERARY – Egypt and Israel 10 Days Christianity Pilgrimage Tour. This is the site … Each Holy Land Israel tour is lead by a local guide who is an expert on the historical, cultural, scenic, and spiritual history of Israel. ; Tel Aviv: Explore this dynamic city and take part to an exclusive cooking lesson. What does the tour price cover? The Holy Land: Heavenly Food & Wine Tour Overall, we had an amazing time.

SKU: 12414. Christ's ambassadors. They oversee and ensure each part … Welcome to ISRAEL…Land of the Bible….Land of the faith….

Qty: Availability: In Stock. ; Egypt: While in Middle East, visit also Egypt and its pyramids. Prepare yourself for a journey to the Holy Land for the Evangelical Protestant passenger. The Israel Christian tour, 3 days follow a route that mainly includes sites relating to the Christian heritage such as Nazareth, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes and more holy Christian sites in the old city of Jerusalem and even Bethlehem and Jericho.
If you have questions, check out our Q&A section below. We have an exclusive Octagon Tour planned for April 10-19, 2021. Italy Basic Tour; Medjugorje, the Holy Land, Rome and Fatima; Holy Land. the Holy Land, revered throughout recorded history as the cradle of monotheistic religion. Provide services for groups and FIT’s (individuals) Weekly departure and private VIP tour packages for FIT’s Specialist in pilgrimage and Christian based group tours For a person of faith whose beliefs are rooted in the Bible there is no place on earth like the Holy Land –Israel.

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