Sometimes a strategic positioning statement sounds like a tag line or a slogan. It also sets the direction of the business, it’s branding and marketing strategies. Positioning statement examples. 1. Instead, its purpose is to help guide all your and your staff’s activities associated with a specific target customer group. Positioning Statement Examples. Real World Examples . That’s fine, but remember that the purpose of a positioning statement isn’t to be cute. Be it product positioning statement as used by a marketer or self-positioning statement as used by a candidate when extending his/her candidature, the features of a positioning statement tends to be the same. This positioning statement is the core message […] And here’s a tip—this statement can and should be used for the main message on the top area of your homepage. Note that Amazon identifies its target market, places its brand up front, inserts the market it is operating in, and notes how it will follow through on its claim. 1. A brand positioning statement is something that can continually change along with trends and different generations.

Positioning Statements vs Mission Statements Definition. Go through steps 1-4 and fill in the blanks for the brand positioning statement formula. Now it’s your turn to use these brand positioning statement examples to craft your own. Positioning Statement – is the description of the company’s objectives for a specific strategy.It helps set the business apart from its competition. Since positioning statements are meant to be kept from the public eye, I created example statements for real companies with recognizable brands and clear brand positioning. HubSpot HubSpot Positioning Statement: Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. While your brand positioning statement is an essential framework that summarizes your brand’s identity, purpose, and competitive advantage, you need a robust digital asset management solution like MerlinOne to effectively manage the many assets that support your branding efforts across today’s myriad marketing and branding channels. Once you fully understand what a position statement is and the steps used to write one, let’s utilize our template to create positioning statement examples for some of the most beloved brands in America. For example, Amazon’s position statement is: For World Wide Web users who enjoy books, is a retail bookseller that provides instant access to over 1.1 million books. For example, if your business and its brand are perceived as being solely for an older generation, a brand positioning statement could help you reach members of a younger demographic if that is your goal.

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