Autumns and winters are colder and wetter than the spring and summer seasons, which see a lot of sunshine and dry days—sometimes even starting as early as February. There are also about 58 sunny days in Seattle. Summer (Jul-Sep) saw rain shadow areas and Seattle with nearly equal mostly sunny days.
Number of rainy days in Seattle. Average monthly rainy days in Seattle (Washington State) The number of days each month with rain, snow and hail in Seattle, United States of America. It really doesn't rain that much. November 18, 2013, charm, Leave a comment. But even Mobile isn’t the wettest place on the planet. Source: NOAA. Seattle is cloudy 201 days out of the year and partly cloudy 93 days. It gets about 67 inches of rain per year on average, which is almost two times as much as Seattle. 152 days: Annual hours of sunshine: 2019 hours: Average annual precip. In any given year, Seattle averages 156 days with measurable rain. The location that holds the Guinness World Record as the wettest place on the planet is Mawsynram, a place in India that gets over 467 inches of rainfall per year! Half the year it hardly rains at all. Rainfall in 2017 was over 10 inches above average, with Seattle officially logging 47.87 inches of precipitation—despite a record-breaking 55 days without rain.This marked the fourth consecutive year that the city measured above-normal rainfall—with the combined total precipitation between 2014-2017 (186.38 inches) setting a new mark for the wettest four-year period on record in Seattle. The third chart lists Seattle’s top ten wettest days, with the record-setting rains of Oct. 20, 2003 ranking number one. Average Annual Precipitation by City in the United States The tables below give annual averages for precipitation at the largest cities in the United States . Needless to say, there are 225 cloudy days in Seattle. The weather here is close to perfect for that half year. The most rain falls during the 31 days centered around November 21, with an average total accumulation of 7.7 inches. On average, December is the most rainy. Most rainy days are in January, February, March, November and December.

On average, July has the least rainy days. According to the Met Office Climate data, over the 30 year period, there were 106.5 days of rainfall per year on average (which counts as a day in which 1mm of rainfall or over fell). Spring (Feb-May) saw the highest number of rain shadow days per month, at nearly 8! Just two years later, however, only a meager 23.78 inches fell—making 1952 the driest year … On average, Seattle gets 38 inches of rain over 156 days throughout the year, and temperatures stay between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time, depending on the season. You should know that rain in Seattle is pretty commonplace. Official weather and climatic data is collected at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport , located about 19 km (12 mi) south of downtown in the city of SeaTac , which is at a higher elevation, and records more cloudy days and fewer partly cloudy days per year. The location that holds the Guinness World Record as the wettest place on the planet is Mawsynram, a place in India that gets over 467 inches of rainfall per year! This map shows large cities in the U.S. and their average number of days per year with precipitation. U.S. Cities - Number of Rain or Snow Days Per Year. That includes the days when precipitation amounts to 0.01 inches (0.25 millimetres) or more. Rochester, New York, had an average of about 167 days per year with precipitation. Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground. Map settings. How many rainy days are there in Seattle? This means that there was rainfall on 29 per cent of days per year and on average it didn't rain 71 per cent of days per year. Rain falls throughout the year in Seattle.

Winter (Nov-Jan) saw 5X as many mostly sunny days in the shadow vs. Seattle.
This statistic shows the ten major U.S. cities with the most rainy days per year between 1981 and 2010.

Annual high temperature: 59ºF: Annual low temperature: 45ºF: Days per year with precip. Seattle gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 155 days per year. 150. Most locations also have information on the number of days with wet weather.