... Several years ago, they introduced the G2c.

A small confession: I haven’t been to the range for a while, mostly due to the holidays and other demands on my time.

Original purchasers of a Taurus firearm covered by a one-year warranty will be pleased to learn their firearm will be covered under this new Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Taurus G2C Holster, IWB KYDEX Holster Fits Taurus Millennium G2 / PT111 / PT132 / PT138 / PT140 / PT145 / PT745, Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holsters, Retention & Adjustable Cant - Right Hand 4.4 out of 5 stars 81

The Taurus G2C has become one of the more popular choices for pistols among those who practice concealed carry. The Taurus G2c is one of the finest handguns on the market. Today, it’s US brand known as Taurus USA in Miami continues to … An exceptionally lightweight and practical all-around option for concealed carry, this holster is hand-molded in the United States for use with the Taurus PT111 Millenium G2 or Taurus G2C . by Frank Melloni - Monday, June 15, 2020.
If you’re looking for a holster that will fit your Taurus G2C pistol and won’t suck the life out of your bank account, you should consider the Concealed Carrier as your best possible choice. Taurus G2C & Millennium G2 PT111 Holsters, Polymer Concealed Carry IWB Holster for Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 PT132 PT138 PT140 PT145 PT745 G2c(NO PRO), Tactical Inside The Waistband Pants Holster 4.3 out of 5 stars 224. Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski is no stranger to the most expensive firearms in the world … so why does he have such a soft spot for the extremely affordable 9mm Taurus Millennium G2?. This compact pistol helped many protect themselves throughout their daily routine and became a gun-store staple for those in need on a tight budget. Reviewed: Taurus' G3c Concealed-Carry Pistol. $19.99.

This comfortable, discreet, and durable holster is made with a .08-inch KYDEX material, offering moisture protection and a thin pr Though it is designed to handle most pistols, it is one of the best possible options for you to safely and securely carry your pistol no matter where you go. The Taurus G2c series was created specifically for everyday concealed carry, the G2 series strikes the ultimate balance between comfort and confidence in any situation. The Taurus G2c is lightweight and has a polymer frame with a 3.2 inch barrel, and coming in at only 21.15 oz. The Taurus G2C was created in 2005 by Forjas Taurus SA out of Brazil.

Taurus® G2c, G2s, TH series, Taurus TX22, 1911 Commander, 1911 Officer, Taurus Spectrum®, Raging Hunter®, 856, and 692 revolvers. More. Loaded, it balances well in the hand and isn’t too snappy, about on par with an M&P Shield.

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