Photo © Gary Emberger. Figure 3.

ferruginosa must be one of the most distinctive slime moulds because of its large size and bright red colour when it first appears. Red raspberry slime up close.

Tubifera ferruginosa is a species of protozoans with 1538 observations

Tubifera ferruginosa as observed on a rotting log. Gmel., Systema Naturae 2 (2): 1472 (1792) [MB#149364] Photo © John Hess. If the early bright stage is observed it is easy to identify. Two red raspberry pseudoaethalia in which the individual sporangia, though packed closely together, remain separate. Like other slime moulds it gradually changes colour as it develops and the mature pseudoaethalia are mid brown. The individual sporangia are packed closely together. Tubifera ferruginosa (Batsch) J.F. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Tubifera ferruginosa subsp. Figure 2.