Read on to find out more about the different types of ceiling … Commonly used in basements, a drop ceiling is a flexible ceiling type for many rooms in your home. o Plain Plaster -This is plain cement plastering that could be used as base for other types of ceiling finishing. o Sand face plastering - A cement mortar with a 1:4 cement and coarse sand ratio is applied. Ceiling style counts for a lot when it comes to a sense of spaciousness, décor decisions, and even the resale value of a home. Some might say that one material is the best, while others will mention that another material is better, but it all comes down to personal preference as to what you think is the most suitable for your home. The first ceiling type we will discuss is a drop ceiling. There's a great selection of different types of ceilings that meet this skill level, especially when using adhesive or the EASY UP track and clip system. If none of these options is right for you, add a dropped ceiling and install ceiling tiles that replicate antique tiles used during the Victorian era. The standard flat ceiling can actually be just as beautiful as some of these fancier ceiling types. Ceiling lights give a central glow to a room that helps set the mood and adds to the beauty of the interior décor. These are a few of the most used types of ceiling materials available in the market. Available in a wide array of designs, shapes and styles, each ceiling light fixture has a … After a week, the second coat is applied this time in a 1:3 ratio.

Installation over a popcorn ceiling or an old, unappealing existing drop ceiling is a breeze with this system. Fiber false ceiling are in high demand for the construction of false ceiling due to low cost and east installation. These types of false ceiling don’t only hide the ugly members of structure, ventilation ducts and conduits but also give smooth finish to the ceiling. Drop ceilings have certain benefits that other ceiling types do not: Drop ceilings allow easy access to ductwork, wires, or plumbing The result is a plaster finish that has a sandy look and feel. Types of Ceiling Materials ... Line the ceiling with wood planks, or, for a touch of flair, cover the ceiling with draped fabric. A room's ceiling can also have a big impact on things like lighting design and the acoustic properties of a room - both of which are important considerations for home theatre rooms, and for living areas in general. Fiber False Ceiling.