If you have stairs, hiding your home safe under them is a great place to protect your valuables... 2. Put some pillows or a blanket on top. Built into Your Home Structure. Larger safes can easily be concealed in the garage. Burying a safe makes it almost impossible to find unless you already know it's there. Concrete Slab. Where to Hide a Safe in Your Home 1. What I... Furniture in an attic: An attic is, just like a garage, one of the messiest room in a house. Hidden Safe Ideas Bury Hidden Safes Deep. In the Floor. A small safe can be hidden inside a bed frame.
Under the Stairs. How to Hide a Home Safe In the Wall.

Although requiring a bit more work, installing a gun safe into your house–like your... 3. Since this place is usually messy, you should be able to hide the safe easily. You'd be mad to leave a key lying around in... Secret Wall Panels.
Use an... Rock on!. Put it behind the heater or the furnace or … While we're on the subject of your garden, let's talk about rocks.

3 easiest ways to hide a safe Shelf in your garage: It is a good and easy way to hide a safe in a garage as a garage is usually a messy place.