There is an unbelievable amount of peer pressure.

My husband was a Green Beret for 6 years, a U.S. regular Army helicopter pilot for 5 years, and now, he is back in a special operations aviation unit.

We’re all issued pretty much the same basic stuff. They want soldiers who will go the extra mile and keep on going.

Special Forces soldiers must endure roughly two years of training and selection prior to even being assigned to a group. Time off is brief, as soldiers move from basic training through Airborne and Special Forces-specific education within this period.

20 Scariest Looking Special Forces from Around The World . You must be ready to deploy anywhere in the world. Everything is based on your reputation and how competent you are in your chosen specialty.

Are they? And for a right reason.

Case in point: I was in my BDU’s sitting at the bar in the NCO Club. As far as the uniforms go, it can’t be that. This is very tough, intense training, where language skills and unconventional warfare skills are learned and honed.

Definitely contrasting experiences. They are the people that are called upon for the most dangerous missions. I would rather say dedicated and ready for any challenge that most people would consider crazy.
I suppose sexiness is in the mind of the beholder. Special Forces doesn’t want or need guys who must have constant reassurance.
My answer here isn't based on my sitting down and shooting the breeze every day with Delta Force Operators (I don't), but rather knowledge of the types of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and CIA agents that they draw their ranks from. What could the reasons be? always training when not deployed. For the sake of argument let’s assume they are. The bottom line is life is much different in Special Forces and you’ll find the longer you spend there, much more rewarding. They have to be tougher than the rest.

Depends on your definition of crazy. I don’t know but the reputation is enough to stop a fight. There was never a need to ask for volunteers for a dangerous mission because everyone would step forward. Share; Tweet; Google + The Special Forces teams from around the globe are some scary looking people.

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