Descending upon the town in the early hours of October 17th, Brown and his men captured prominent citizens and seized the federal armory and arsenal. Few escape routes were available to Brown's men during the attack. Why did John Brown raid the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry? In the aftermath of the Harpers Ferry uprising, John E. Cook, Brown’s advance man for the raid, ratted out Douglass, reportedly telling authorities that Douglass did … To supply arms for a spontaneous slavery revolt. John Brown wanted to seize the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry so that he could get weapons … Few Americans would join a rebellion organized by Brown. Harper's Ferry was a weapon's depot in the southern United States. Brown was hanged December 2 for murder and treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia. Brown had hopes that the local slave population would join the raid and through the raid’s … Summary of John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry Summary: John's Brown raid on Harper's Ferry took place on October 16, 1859 in the town of Harpers Ferry in Virginia (now West Virginia).The militant anti-slavery activist led a group of 21 armed men to seize weapons and ammunition from a federal armory at Harpers Ferry, enough to equip an army, and then lead a slave rebellion in the South. Why did John Brown want to seize the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry? 1.Why did John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry fail? Although the radical abolitionist assault on the U.S. armory and arsenal at Harpers Ferry has gone down in history as John Brown’s Raid, the 59-year-old Brown was accompanied by 21 others — 16 white men, three free blacks, one freed slave and one fugitive slave. John Brown Assembles An Army It was a main precipitating incident to the American Civil War. Raid On Harpers Ferry summary: The Harpers Ferry raid conducted by fanatical abolitionist John Brown and 21 followers in October 1859 is considered one of the major events that ultimately led to the American Civil War. Because John Brown was outnumbered and he should have had a lot more people to start with. John Brown's plan was to provoke a massive slave revolt in the South which would topple the entire institution of slavery in the United States. a. On the evening of October 16, 1859 John Brown, a staunch abolitionist, and a group of his supporters left their farmhouse hide-out en route to Harpers Ferry. c. Brown lacked the military skill necessary to lead such an attack. Why did John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry fail? Name the four presidential candidates and their parties in the election of 1860.

Harpers Ferry Raid, assault that took place October 16–18, 1859, by an armed band of abolitionists led by John Brown on the federal armory located at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now in West Virginia). Lincoln - republican, Douglas - northern democrat, Breckenridge - southern democrat, John bell - …


d. Brown was killed early in the fight and his men lost courage. Only five escaped the raid … 2.

why did john brown raid harpers ferry