for auction. "Forged in Fire" French Pioneer Sword (TV Episode 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Hilt is solid brass. (02-6033/BF). A selection of quality, sometimes rare bayonets legally sold as collector's items … Blade has medium gray patina & shows evidence of sharpening. Only two smiths will slice and dice their way to the final round where they must forge the iconic Rooster Head French Pioneer Sword. Pioneer Sword. Pommel in shape of rooster head. A common type of sword carried by most French infantry soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars (alongside the musket and socket bayonet) was the “sabre briquet”, a brass hilted short hanger. French Sword (Epées) and Sabres For Sale These authentic French sabres and epees are part of my collection that I offer for sale. Blade 22 3/4". Some of these swords date from the Napoleonic era and would have seen battle for the French Grande Armée during the 100 Days War (Waterloo, Quatra Bras, etc. British, German, French and other bayonets for sale from my edged weapons collection. Blade engraved with fencing scene on either side. The Pira; French Pioneer Sword Forged in Fire.
). Four blade smiths are thrown into the fire when they must forge a multipurpose weapon from old rescue tools. $500-700. UK / EU buy and sell mostly French, Japanese, Scottish, German & British antique, vintage and even some more recent edged weapons (e.g. FRENCH ROOSTER POMMEL SAPPERS SWORD.

CONDITION: overall fine. Initials "NK" at ricasso. Title: French Pioneer Sword (2015) Description: Four smiths are out on the farm to salvage steel from old farm equipment to make classic chef knives. as well. Overall 29 1/2". Four smiths make Hada blades from material harvested from a ship's wheel; smiths recreate the symbolic and deadly Filipino sword, the Pira; four smiths salvage steel from old farm equipment; smiths forge the iconic Rooster Head French Pioneer Sword.
It had a curved, single-edged blade with brass and leather mounted scabbard. Jul 03, 2018 | 42m 6s | tv-pg v,l. We buy, identify and value sword / sabres, etc.