Rejection is painful. Dr.’s Robert and Lisa Firestone have both written extensively about the role of a person’s “critical inner voice” in coloring the way they see the world. You most likely have other adult children, and I suggest you telling them to refrain from discussing this with their brother or sister. Neither can be had when resentment or rejection have taken hold. How to Deal with Rejection: Pay Attention to Your Inner Critic As human beings, we aren’t only affected by what happens to us but by the filter through which we view what happens to us.

You can watch American Idol and similar shows together where people get rejected, and show your child how other people overcome rejection peacefully and gracefully. Focus on the positive relationships you have outside of your family that are joyful, loving and interesting. What to do: Rejection is normal and inevitable, and the sooner you help your child realize this, the better.

Rejection is so common, we do not usually stop to consider it as such. The cards you had a moment ago are no longer relevant. Many of us have tried to understand our grown sons’ or daughters’ actions.

If you’re angry over your estranged adult child’s rejection, recognize that you’re not alone. Recollect an example from your own life when you were rejected, but managed to cope with it. In poker, you deal with the cards that you wake up with. If your child tells you something specific, just listen and determine if you can honor your child’s request. Immediately and tirelessly dedicate yourself to finding a way to properly connect with your child. You have figured out your estranged adult child is troubled.

How To Cope With Rejection From Your Child Follow these tips to cope with being rejected by your child.

Just like you may misinterpret rejection from your significant other, you may also start to misinterpret your child’s communication with you as rejection, says Herd. Whether it comes from a potential spouse, a potential employer, or your boss who you were trying to sell a proposition to, rejection has the power to take away your high spirits and happiness. 3. What’s even worse is when rejection comes from the people who you hold dearest to you.

Forgive Your Child. When your adult child rejects you, one reason for your anger may be a sense of powerlessness. The first thing you need to do as a parent is to accept the situation as it currently stands.
However, unfortunately, […] For example, if your child is in the normal developmental stage where he is learning to say no and become more independent, you may mistakenly interpret this as his rejection of you as a parent. When your adult child rejects you: Understanding your anger.

how to cope with rejection from your child