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Both A-B Emblem of Weaverville, NC and Lion Brothers of Owings Mills, MD have made claims to being the "official" provider of embroidered emblems for pre-Shuttle manned missions. Authentic NASA Mission SpaceX Dragon DM-2 Space Flight Patch Launch May 27 2020 $19.49 NASA Vintage 1990 STS-36 USA Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission Crew Patch Sticker Our Get a Quote tool can tell you what patches cost.
Embroidery Options. Paul J. Brennan Member . As an official GSUSA licensed vendor, view all of our Girl Scout products here. To Speak to One of Our.

A-B Emblem makes custom embroidered patches. High-quality stitching & patterning. Make Offer - AUTHENTIC DM-2 First Crewed Flight SPACEX - Original AB Emblem NASA SPACE PATCH Original vintage 1960s NASA Meatball Embroidered Patch w White Border 2-3/4" $34.95 Two companies figure prominently in the story of embroidered space patches. Not from retailers, re-sellers or agents. Conrad Industries, Inc.

A fill stitch is used to cover in-between areas with thread.

The face of the patch is completely covered in stitches and the twill backing is neither visible or exposed. Below are descriptions and images of the different parts of a patch. Posts: 129 From: Linden, CA A‑B Emblem. Design tips and more.

Please use our design tips and videos to make your patch look great! Authentic NASA Mission SpaceX Dragon DM-2 Space Flight Patch Launch May 27 2020 $19.49 Authentic NASA Space Program Embroidered Vector Emblem Patch Collector item AB Emblem & Lion Brothers. From Daisies and up, A-B Emblem has all the patches needed for your special Girl Scout! I have been informed that this SpaceX DM-2 patch will only be available to buy direct from the AB Emblem and SpaceX websites and official NASA facilities only. Whether future follow on SpaceX Dragon crew patches will be the same I have not been told. A-B Emblem has been a GSUSA Licensee since 2002. We offer online quoting and ordering of custom embroidered patches. Fully embroidered. Call 888 797 4285. This site is for quoting and ordering custom patches. Fully Embroidered.