Actian transforms big data into business value for organizations of all sizes, no matter where they are on their analytics journey. Actian Vector Analytic Database - Enterprise Edition with Silver Support. Product Description. What is Actian Vector? Actian Vector is the perfect solution to power highly responsive Enterprise self-service BI reporting systems incl. Welcome to Ingres 10.2 Character-Based Querying and Reporting Tools User Guide Command Reference Guide Connectivity Guide Database Administrator Guide Distributed Transaction Processing User Guide Embedded QUEL Companion Guide Embedded SQL Companion Guide Actian Vector is a relational database engine designed for high performance analytics. Actian Vector delivers on the promise of in-the-moment analytics with the industry’s fastest analytics database. Vector’s ability to handle continuous updates without a performance penalty makes it an Operational Data Warehouse (ODW) capable of incorporating the latest business information into your analytic decision-making. Actian Vector (formerly known as VectorWise) is an SQL relational database management system designed for high performance in analytical database applications. Actian Vector Analytic Database Community Edition. Overview Plans + Pricing Reviews. Actian Vector was designed from the ground up to exploit performance features in today’s x86 CPUs such as vectorization and larger chip caches enabling in-chip analytics. Actian Corp Write a review. Actian Vector makes analytics more accessible to business users, freeing them from the common limitations of traditional data warehouses. Vector is the world's fastest analytic database designed from ground-up to …

Achieve extreme performance on commodity By: Actian Corp. Latest Version: Vector Database 5.1 Enterprise.

Actian Vector Analytic Database Enterprise Edition Actian Corp. Vector is the world's fastest analytic database designed from ground-up to exploit x86 architecture.
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Actian Vector is the industry’s fastest analytic database.