Really, Darkseid works best as a talking head villain challenging the philosophy of his opponent. Round 2 Could go either way, Galactus have been challenged by Odin and Thor in this state so Darkseid definitely is a challenge, especially with all of his technology and omega effect. And HOW does Darkseid know so much about Galactus and Surfer? The core concept of Galactus showing up to feed on Apokolips is decent enough. Galactus finds Apokolips large enough to feed his hunger, but Darkseid will defend his planet from being devoured. Can even the might of Darkseid be able to push back Galactus? In the time when Silver Surfer served the most dreaded being in the universe known as Galactus who is known the eater of worlds, there is yet another feared menace named Darkseid who lives on planet Apokolips and his planet is about to be devoured by Galactus as he and his men must … Reviews: 0. And, by the end of the story we get the type of confrontation at which Darkeid excels. User Lists: 0 #52 ... i would think that galactus could be taken down if darkseid used ALL of apokolips at his disposal. And what of the Silver Surfer and Orion, which of them is the strongest warrior? It was Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger; and yes, it was a pretty epic beat down by Galactus, despite being starving.It is, however, non-canon, like most cross-overs. Most people reference Thanos as the Marvel equivalent of Darkseid, and based on feats, this isn't a bad comparison. MOST of these questions are answered (except the last … Despite being stated to be in the weakest state he’s been in Eons, Galactus is still a large threat to the world controlled by the Dark God!