Beat prod. Watch Queue Queue. Subscribe to SK Films for more videos! Dexter and 12tilDee link up for the video "Took Time" shot by SK Films in Hollywood, CA. Mud Walkin' Lyrics: I'm screwed up mentally / Take drugs with an emphasis, got Kaden in the booth again / We thuggin' with the hooligans, blood streaks on my Louboutins / I'm not finna play with no Watch Queue Queue This video is unavailable. Hello! The Mud Lyrics: Eyes / Watching, watching a strange show, show, show / Eyes / Watching, watching a strange show / I had to work up out the mud for this shit, ay / Still juggin', I ain't done from At the Somme: The Song of the Mud By Mary Borden About this Poet American writer Mary Borden was born in Chicago and earned a BA from Vassar College in 1907. One year later, she married George Douglas Turner, a British army general and member of Parliament, and they lived in England. I'm looking for a song my ex showed me years ago. The pack just came in, you know this shit the gas Mud, mud gotta keep it mud 800 a pint nigga I can't show you love Mud, mud you know I'm drinking mud, I might pour the whole pint 'cause I don't give a fuck [Verse 3:] Dumb drankin it dirty, woke up really late, I used to drank up early I like the way it taste Alex Zahamr 06 June 2020 Reply.