OP did subsequently clarify.

The problem with to kindly ask (apart from the split infinitive, which is cumbersome) is that it says that you are being kind when asking: you are asking kindly. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Consider definition, to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on: He considered the cost before buying the new car. Whereas only consider N to be N does mean to have an opinion about that thing or person. However, "I would like to ask" is meaningless, because you are asking. Many people consider dogs ___"men's best friends" A. to being B. being C. be D. X From the first sight, i would think the answer must be B being. But i looked it up, the dict says that consider doing sth means to think about doing it. ‘Clarity is not a synonym for simplicity but it comes close.’ ‘In its most common meaning, the term idea is used as a synonym for theme, melody, phrase or motive.’ ‘The word ‘democracy’ was used as a synonym for good and just government.’ ‘The word text is frequently employed as a synonym for a term like ‘written document’.’ See more. consider definition: 1. to spend time thinking about a possibility or making a decision: 2. to give attention to a…. It's difficult to judge which sense is prevailing in most of the Google returns for a "the first thing to consider is" search, but there seem to be ten times as many hits as there are for "the second thing to consider is".

Philippians 3:13 French Bible Philippians 3:13 German Bible Alphabetical: ahead and as behind Brethren Brothers But consider do Forgetting forward have having hold I is it laid lies myself not of one reaching regard straining taken thing to toward what yet NT Letters: Philippians 3:13 Brothers I don't regard myself as yet (Philipp. See more. I would like to ask [you] could you kindly check.....? It's usual to ask for someone else to be kind and do something. Thing definition, a material object without life or consciousness; an inanimate object. Learn more. Phil. one thing over another If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

Php.) A look at the answers given before that shows that both senses of 'first' were assumed by different responders.