ET Aug. 6, 2018 The state's 30 Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth court … Learn more about the utilities and industries the PA PUC encompasses at We oversee and regulate gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities as well as telephone providers and transportation services throughout the state. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Not all salaries are funded by state tax dollars; some salaries are paid with federal funds, tolls, or fees.

Will Seuffert was selected by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to serve as Executive Secretary starting January 30, 2020. Rick Lee, York Daily Record Published 7:00 a.m. PA PUC SECRETARY’S BUREAU front desk 17 North Second Street 12th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17101-1601 717-731-1970 Main 717-731-1985 Main Fax Michael W. Hassell 717-612-6029 Direct 717-731-1985 Direct Fax File #: 172185 April 2,2018 VIA HAND DELIVERY Rosemary Chiavetta, Secretary Search for the "Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission" or "PA PUC" on your favorite social media channel for updates on utility issues and other helpful consumer information. Learn more at

The UGI Rate Increase Request The UGI request, filed on Jan. 28, 2020, would increase its operating revenues by approximately $74.6 million per year (8.5%). Participate in the 2020 U.S. Census to shape your future in PA. §101 et seq., is statutorily mandated to supervise all public utilities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, pursuant to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Code at 66 Pa. C.S. Employee Salaries This report provides information on the annual salaries or hourly/daily wages earned by employees. Salary and wage amounts do not include other forms of compensation, such as overtime.

Rosemary Chiavetta is Secretary, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.. Steve Mitnick is Editor-in-Chief of Public Utilities Fortnightly and author of the book “Lines Down: How We Pay, Use, Value Grid Electricity Amid the Storm.” The front desk of Secretary's Bureau is … Participate in the 2020 U.S. Census to shape your future in PA. Find information and services from Pennsylvania state government agencies. Will has spent his career in public service. Those utilities include electric, telephone, gas, water, railroads and motor carriers. From 2013-2020, Will served as the Executive Director of the Environmental Quality Board (EQB). Close Participate in the 2020 U.S. Census to shape your future in PA.
John Hanger (born 1957) is the former Pennsylvania Secretary of Planning and Policy, serving on the executive staff of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.. Hanger has served as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, a position he held between September 2008 and January 2011 under then-Governor Ed Rendell.He is also a former Commissioner of the Pennsylvania …

Learn more at ET Aug. 6, 2018 | Updated 5:38 p.m. Contact: Nils Hagen-Frederiksen Press Secretary 717-783-6152 Contact PUC Press Secretary Nils Hagen-Frederiksen at or 717-418-2701.

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