It keeps saying this amiibo is not supported use an Animal Crossing amiibo. But it's loaded as Marshall Amiibo Card. Has anyone successfully used the powersaves amiibo on AC new horizons? Am I doing something wrong? Be sure to remove amiibo from their packaging. help and support1 Powersaves amiibo not working? The portal reads my amiibo just fine but nothung happens when I put the power tag on the portal am I missing something?

I recently got a new powersaves amiibo, And injected the 20 hearts code into my wolf link amiibo, but when I scanned it, It was just an ordinary 3 heart wolf link.

Ensure you are using amiibo. If you are not using an amiibo, then using an amiibo should resolve your issue. The model number on the bottom of the amiibo should read NVL-001. If you need to retrieve a lost license key, please enter the email address associated with your PowerSaves 3DS / PowerSaves 3DS Pro in our lost license key service. It's working for BoTW but not AC. Amiibo power tag not working? PowerSaves Pro for 3DS, the ultimate cheat device for your 3DS and 3DS XL. please help! amiibo cannot be scanned through their packaging, so they must be removed in order to be used. Thank you in advance for any advice. PowerSaves Amiibo Amiibo Powerbase ... We occasionally update the PowerSaves for Amiibo software. Please note: This service is only available to Powersaves 3DS / Powersaves 3DS Pro users who have already registered their product.

I bought the amiibo nfc spoofer with the power tag.

powersaves amiibo not working