4. To look over, study, or examine again: reviewed last week's lesson. 1. After taking a 6-year break to birth and learn the ropes of raising a son, they’ve returned with The Odds, a studio album about, as always with Dischord releases, problems. Even if you don’t really like us, us on Facebook! Of course, The Evens avoid that trap by going straight to the most obvious musical cliché, "excellent songwriting." The fact of the matter is, he probably gets a free pass because he’s the guy from Minor Threat. 2. To consider retrospectively; look back on: reviewed the day's events. As a result, a duo like The Evens gives me ample opportunity to take notice of some truly fantastic drumming. 2) Aroung the Corner - This song is probably one of my favorites on the album. 3. No one in the punk world would pay any attention to them if the Mackaye name was not attached. December 14, 2006. views v.tr. With only two instruments in the mix, not paying attention to the drums would be a lot like going to a movie and only looking at the right half of the screen. I love Amy's voice in this song, it is absolutely great.

Follow. The Evens is not just a step forward in the creative careers of MacKaye and Farina; it's a major leap. To examine with an eye to criticism or correction: reviewed the research findings. Newsfeed. The Evens are: Ian - Baritone Guitar/Vocals Amy - Drums/Vocals 1) Shelter Two - The song gives us the beginning of the mellow sounding Evens. Or at lest the Get Evens LP. Whatever the intention behind this metaphor, The Evens are still a band prepared to make provocative statements that can register with a curious mind; the young boy … Evens is the finest ambassador for Belgian illustration since Hergé, and his book, so original and so gorgeous-looking, comes with the warm-hearted message that, however silly … Music Review The Evens. That just can’t be said about The Evens. Everything he had done up to this point had been undeniably compelling. They make several references to the DC Area, and to two places that I have been to. The Evens may be quieter than their previous bands, but they’re just as politically strident. Together with Amy Farina, his wife, drummer and co-singer in The Evens, the two are a powerhouse of righteous artistic concern. In The Main Event, all the usual elements are there: the bright, pretty girl who the whole school has a crush on; three bullies who pump themselves up by deflating the nerds; a Goliath-wannabe wrestling opponent; and a dad who doesn't quite know how to bond with his son after the devastating departure of his wife. There is plenty to mine in the symbolism of The Evens calling their new album The Odds: two partners in life and music, now a family of three. Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye were still playing fiery leftist post-hardcore, but with a sort of quiet warmth, using acoustic guitars, rippling drums, and … Utilizing casually rich vocal harmonies and the bubbling warmth of baritone guitar, the Evens re-address the steadfast themes of MacKaye's work dating back to … 3 clipping. The truth is, The Evens are pretty standard singer songwriter fare. The Evens. Most Read. 1 John Peel’s record collection soon to be made available online as virtual museum… those poor BBC interns 2 LISTEN: XXX - Love Potion. While the Evens' sparse arrangements may lead the guitar-playing world to finally give drummers their due, an album that is too minimal runs the risk of being absorbed in too few listens, never to be returned to again.