Built in between 1652 to 1653, La Vieille Bourse is a historical monument that would take your breath away. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Copy link Ornamented with caryatids and cornucopia, this Flemish Renaissance extravaganza was completed in 1653. The Vieille Bourse in Lille is the former building of the Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Discover Vieille Bourse Book Market in Lille, France: Tables of secondhand books fill the inner courtyard of this 17th-century stock exchange. Having served as a stock exchange building during olden times, it is witness to the rich history and economy of Lille. Historic Building in Lille. Image of interior, bourse, occupation - 48373073 A second-hand book market as well as chess players can be seen inside. In summer, tango demonstration. Photo about LILLE - SEPTEMBER 13: Interior of famous La Vieille Bourse (old stock exchange building) on September 13, 2014 in Lille, France. In the 17th Century, under pressure from the city's tradesmen and stockbrokers who wanted a place to meet in private, the magistrates of Lille persuaded the king to establish a stock exchange identical to that of Antwerp. Save. It is located between the Grand Place and the Place du Théâtre and is considered to be one of the landmarks of the city centre. Share. 54 reviews of La Vieille Bourse "Since it carries the name Bourse it suggests that this used to the the former stock exchange, though considering that were are now in France I would have thought that the Stock Exchange would have been located in… The Vieille Bourse (Old stock exchange), built from 1652 to 1653, is undoubtly the town's finest building. Discover La Vieille Bourse (The Old Stock Exchange) France. This building is made up of 24 little houses around an arched courtyard. Tickets & tours.

The building is constructed in the Renaissance Flemish style of architecture and radiates an elegant charm. It consists of 24 separate houses set around a richly ornamented interior courtyard that hosts a used-book market, chess games and live music in summer. Vieille Bourse.