The two contestants are both very skilled and manage to entertain us with a quite long match. Wing Chun Vs Muay Tai. Wing Chun is a close-combat art, which includes grappling, trapping, kicks, punches, etc.

From a street fighting perspective, any martial art or combat sport is good enough. Wing Chun is a joke imo Muay Thai is the best style of those listed but it really comes down to which gym trains the best, if the muay thai gym has a ****ty instructor then it wont help much, or if they have a good instructor but you dont spar much then its not going to help you much either. The reason is simple. We also want to remember to all our readers that we don't believe in one martial art supremacy. Our purpose is only to show mechanisms that are behind fight science. Game Shaolin vs Wutang; Hide chat Show chat. Wing Chun works best when being close to an opponent, while Muay Thai fighters can pick apart anybody from just about any distance, which is also a lot safer. The individual with the most experience would win. The Wing Chun guy should have responded to the attacks coming in with footwork if he was not planning on connecting. In This MMA match we present you a wonderful Wing Chun vs Muay Thai match. Muay Thai works on long and close quarter fighting, but Muay Thai is a sport they have rules and for a Wing Chun practitioner that limits their ability to use natural movement of hand techniques. There’s a lot of sparring being done in Muay Thai, while in Wing Chun, in most schools at least, there’s little to none. They don't. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. You have been trained to defend yourself and inflict punishing, if not lethal damage on your opponent. Those attacks that the Muay Thai guy were throwing initially are just to check the fence, Wing Chun does not hold those postures so if you want to make it look like Wing Chun and function in this case, footwork has to make up for lack of structure against the angle of attack.
Up next hacker goblin is … In this article we want to show you another cool fight that involves Wing Chun and Muay Tai fighters. Wing Chun vs Muay Thai . You know how to fight. The questions below are directed only to people who have learned both Muay Thai and Wing Chun completely, learned both of them for at least over a year, and at the least have learned either Wing Chun or Muay Thai for over a year and have sparred and/or fought with quite a few people of the other martial art who had about as much experience and skill as them or more. Wing Chun vs Muay Thai Fight Live.
First of all, on the left we have Li Zihao who fights with his Wing Chun.Secondly, in the right corner there is Liu Way who fights his way with some incredible Muay Thai.