Fishing is said to be best during the time between a new moon and a full moon. For me personally, sometimes there is no logic to how the fish are responding to whatever we might chuck at them, in the way of lures that is. When our bass season seems to be coming to an end, we can look back a what turned out to be a hit or miss affair as far a catching bass goes. Let us help you navigate fishing lakes in Yorkshire. However, most of us go fishing when we can get the time off, not because it is the best time! That means fish must sense either wounded prey moving or they must sense the smell of food. With over 2,400 listed fisheries FishAdviser aims to help people find local fisheries. Hey, there bass freaks! Lure fishing for bass at night! This is what the Almanac’s Best Fishing Days are based on. So my two methods involve setting out a good chum line, fishing cut or strip bait in the chum, and fishing a live bait either freelined just outside the chum slick or on the bottom. BEST FISHING LAKES IN BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - 27 Fisheries Listed FishAdviser The pleasure fishing only, Middle Pool offers 68 pegs of carp averaging around 12lb with the odd larger lumps. But there are best fishing days, according to lore: Best Fishing Days 2020. Visit FishAdviser now and we will help you find some of the finest fishing venues in Buckinghamshire. You can night fish this lake as well as surface fish it in the summer. You can night fish this lake as well as surface fish it in the summer. Night fishing becomes a matter of either smell or movement.