Aeroméxico Connect Flight 2431 was a Mexican domestic scheduled passenger flight bound for Mexico City that crashed on takeoff from Durango International Airport on July 31, 2018. Shortly after becoming airborne, the plane encountered sudden wind shear caused by a microburst. Accident of Aeromexico in Durango. < Talk:Aeroméxico Connect Flight 2431. Video de Oscar Losada. The aircraft is destroyed. AeroMexico Connect flight AM 2431 operating from Durango, Mexico to Mexico City on July 31, 2018 with Embraer 190 XA-GAL (above) crashed while attempting to takeoff from Durango and overran the runway and burned. The previous paragraph mentioned that the flight was cleared for takeoff at 3:21, generally that's the "go" signal given to the pilots, so they would typically have started the takeoff roll within a few seconds of that. Aeroméxico Connect Flight 2431 has been listed as one of the Engineering and technology good articles under the good article criteria.If you can improve it further, please do so.If it no longer meets these criteria, you can reassess it.

Flight 2431.

Review: August 21, 2019. The 99 passengers and four crew members were able to exit the burning aircraft.

- Embraer 190. #pilot #airlines #aviation #aeromexico #flight2431 #vuelo2431

The flight was…

aeromexico connect flight 2431