Aussie Cot Net Co Baby Crib Safety Tents - Premium Crib Tent to Keep Baby from Climbing Out - Clear View See-Through Black Crib Netting - Mosquito Net - Pop-up Crib Tent Canopy to Keep Baby in Aussie Cot Net Co - Fits a Pack n Play and Mini Cribs - Travel Tent to Keep Baby from Climbing Out - Portable Ready to use on Vacation - Black Crib Netting Settles Baby to Sleep Better and Longer $92.84 $80.73. One of my cats is very "pawsy". How to Keep a Cat out of a Crib. See the 5 step ezi fit installation instructions. Pro Baby Safety Pop up Crib Tent: Premium Baby Bed Canopy Netting Cover - See Through Mesh Nursery Mosquito Net - Stylish and Sturdy Unisex Infant Crib Tent Net - Protect Your Baby from Falls or Bites 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,030. (31 Posts) ... Not sure of advice - personally we shut the cats out of our room when dd was in with us and then out of her room when she moved. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of crib tents have been recalled due to safety risks 3. they frequently get them from fleas you know! Cats and crib tents! Michelle’s baby crib tents are proven to keep babies and toddlers in the crib. But have to say I went through a stage of really disliking the cat when dd was born. Crib net - mosquito net crib cover the best crib netting to keep cats off. Read Why the Crib Tent - crib net is such an important crib safety childproofing product for your baby's safety and why it should be at the top of your baby safety products shopping list. Happy Bed Instant Pop up Portable Baby Travel Bed with Mosquito Net Crib Beach Tent Bed Crib Infant Crib(Blue) Sold by iShopDirect . We bought the crib tent but never needed to use it because once my daughter came the cat wanted nothing to do with her and avoided the room altogether. This Pop-up crib net-tent is everything you're looking for to protect your little one from, climbing, crawling or falling out, getting stuck between crib … Crib tents are made of mosquito-type netting and cover the entire top of your baby's crib so that your cat can't get inside. Clearly I have not socialized them for a baby. DREAM TADA Little Girls Room Decor - Crib Tent LED, Girls Canopy Reading Tent Lights, Rose Lights for Canopy Curtain (Pink Rose LED Lights.

However, evidence suggests that these popular mesh crib coverings could be dangerous—even deadly. Apparently I have the weirdest cat in the world because he loved it even more and played with the foil (unheard of for cats). Just wait until baby comes, and see how kitty reacts.

I would strongly discourage your cats from sleeping in the crib, even when you baby is not there. Sold by iShopDirect. Now you too can stop your little one from climbing and falling out of the crib. Available for standard cribs, portable cribs, and play yards, crib tents offer protection from insects and household pets while conveniently preventing children from jumping or falling out of their cribs. Before purchasing a crib tent, though, check to make sure it wasn't recalled. I have two cats who constantly jump higher than a crib, sleep on top of us on a regular basis (spoiled, yes) and do not tolerate closed doors (will tear up the carpet and whine incessantly if a door is closed). Keeping the cat out of the crib - cat net no use!

Has anyone ever used one? $47.93 $39.29. I'm a FTM and 14 wks 4 days. Cats are naturally curious, so it's no surprise that your cat will want to check out your newly assembled crib. Frankly, he gives great massages, but he can get a little carried away.

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