1200 (6 shots) ... Dead Space Game Guide & Walkthrough is also available in our Mobile App. [64] The suits fit the circumstances in all 3 games. The people who bought the game within the first two weeks of its release could download the exclusive suits for free: the Obsidian Suit for the PlayStation 3 version and the Elite Suit for the Xbox 360 version. Dead Space 1 does not offer the ability to go back or 'downgrade' your suit to a lower level at shops. I played Dead Space again, and on the second playthrough you unlock a new military suit worth 99,000 credits. The package includes the game, Dead Space: Downfall, a bonus content DVD, the Dead Space art book, a lithograph and the Dead Space comic. Level 5 Suit. The Level 1 Stalker suit, Level 2 Inferno suit, Level 3 Ravage suit, Level 4 Carbon Fiber suit, ... we asked you to submit your best Red Dead Redemption 2 shots in our screenshot competition in which we are giving away three Steam gift cards. Level 4 Suit. 35000. 7 years ago. Was this guide helpful? 10000. Level 3 Suit. FREE IOS APP. Plasma energy.

60000. Once you upgrade your suit in Dead Space 1, you will be stuck using that suit until you upgrade to the next level suit. The level 6 suit will require 99,000 credits to purchase (compare to 50,000 for the level 5 suit). Free Power Nodes: 4 Power Node Locks: 1 Item Schematics: Level 4 Suit The area on deck A is cleared of enemies here, but unlike the previous safe zone, this area will have enemies later. 20000. Level 2 Suit. For the most up to date cheats for DeadSpace, refer to IGN's Cheats Site . I don't understand the butt hurt about this.