Crossy Road is back with a new Apple Arcade sequel called Crossy Road Castle.

‎Bring your friends and see how far you can get in this endless spinning tower of arcade fun! Collect 100 coins and you can recover your health though, so there is a way you can top up the length of a run. While I wish there were more castles available to climb from the start, I’m eager to continue working higher through the Unihorse Castle while waiting expectantly for that new tower to arrive. Keep climbing as high as you can. Even though that sounds easy this game is very hard and addictive! Gather your family and friends and see how far you can go up the towers. Apple Arcade’s latest exclusive title is Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road Castle, a new endless runner from the creator of the 2014 mobile hit.

Except Crossy Road Castle wasn’t that week’s release, and to make things even more confusing last week there simply wasn’t a new game released for Apple Arcade at all. Every run is different. Crossy Road is a very fun game in which your goal is to cross as many roads as you can without getting killed in process. Highlights: Play Together: Designed for cooperative arcade platforming chaos.

Playing the game alone is fun but Crossy Road Castle really shines as a multiplayer game. The best thing about this game is the fluid game play and extra sweet graphics. Download Crossy Road Castle and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Crossy Road Castle isn’t a very complex game, but that doesn’t keep it from being fun. Crossy Road Castle uses a similar art style as Crossy Road, with players guiding characters through a castle that's rife with enemies and obstacles to overcome. The game eschews from the Frogger-inspired gameplay from the original that is in favor of a roguelite, multiplayer platformer. Crossy Road Castle’s Multiplayer is Insanely Chaotic.