Many stopped clocks can be easily repaired by the owner. Steeplechase specializes in antique clock repair and restoration serving Grafton, Westborough, Worcester, Upton, Millbury, Shrewsbury, Northborough to Southborough .

Many clock owners only take their antique pieces for repair when the clock has stopped working. Wall, floor or mantleā€¦ we repair and ship Seth Thomas, Waterbury, New Haven, Gilbert, Ansonia and hundreds of other antique clocks. Throughout the years, the outside of the clock around the face can get dirty, and the inside mechanisms may need to be cleaned and repaired. Family operated full service clock shop for generations

Here is a list of common problems that are simple to repair. Located in Historic Grafton, Steeplechase has a full clockmaking facility including wheel and pinion cutting. Most antique clocks can run for years with only routine, do-it-yourself maintenance, such as rewinding. Mantle clocks have a clock face, sometimes encased in glass, but often times exposed. Call (315) 484-2165.

ANTIQUE CLOCK REPAIR TIPS. Antique Clock Repair, Restoration Syracuse NY. However, antique clocks should be taken to a professional clock service provider every 10 years. Antique mantle clocks come in various shapes and sizes, and were made for a flat surface. Expert antique clock repair and restoration Since 1911, three generations of clockmakers have been repairing thousands of fine clocks, both new and antique.

The Clock Professor, Syracuse NY. Antique clocks bought, sold, loved. Specialties: Clock repair and service, Antique clock repairs, House calls on Grandfather clocks Established in 1991.