What you couldn’t see in this video was that we were fighting in a human circle, surrounded by support … The eyes are my favorite target, for a lot of reasons.

US Green Beret drops Peruvian Special Forces Officer in ONE second. A former Green Beret (U.S. Army Special Forces) soldier goes head-to-head with a Peruvian special forces officer in unarmed combat. Peruvian Armed Forces.

The Fuerza … Peruvian Army. There are no rules, and the winner is decided when their opponent gives up or cannot physically continue to … Special Forces Battalion - (Batallón Conjunto de Fuerzas Especiales) [citation needed] Special Troops of Army - (Tropas Especiales del Ejército) Amphibious Commandos of Navy - (Comandos Anfibios de la Armada) Commando Company of Air Force - (Comandos de la Fuerza Aérea) Peru. The 3,000 personnel Peruvian Naval Infantry includes an amphibious brigade of three battalions and local security units with two transport ships, four tank landing ships, and about forty Portuguese Chaimite armored personnel carriers. Since 1982 IMAP detachments have been deployed, under Peruvian Army command, in counter-insurgency capacities in Ayacucho and Huancavelica departments. Former US Army Green Beret (Kung Fu San Soo) fights active duty Peruvian Special Forces Officer (Karate) in a nearly abandoned military outpost in the Upper Amazon. 1st Special Forces Brigade

peruvian special forces