Firm Foundation Publishing House, "Where The Saints Meet: A Directory of the Congregations of the Churches of Christ" (1957). We become contemplative. . Ever since that day, the Saints have made their mark in the game of football. What Dietrich von Hildebrand has said of beauty in general is especially so with regard to the beauty of the saints: “At the sight of the truly beautiful we are freed from the tension that urges us on toward some immediate practical goal. . The New Orleans Saints are called so because way back in 1966, they played their first game on All Saints Day. New Orleans Saints Meet And Greet - New Orleans Saints VIP Tickets - New Orleans Saints VIP Package . Paul McCartney Quote: “When two great saints meet, it’s a humbling experience.” Paul McCartney "When two great saints meet, it's a humbling experience." Sunday, January 10 th, 2016 Mel Futrell According to the 2015 edition of Churches Of Christ in the United States, which is put out every three years by 21st Century Christian in Nashville, there are 12,300 congregations of the Lord’s people in the United States. Recommended Citation. . The great saints are, moreover, a particularly beautiful reflection of the infinite goodness of God.