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Learning Hebrew? In fact, the Wayyiqtol form is identical to the Yiqtol form with a prefixed conjunction ו. לֵאמֹר. קוּם. שָׁמַרְתְּ. Jonah Hebrew Parsing (all verbs) וַיְהִי. Qal inf C + ל, saying אָמַר. Qal impf 3ms, it was הָיָה. qal imper 2ms, go הָלַך.

Parsing the Wayyiqtol (vayyiqtol). Qal, Perfect, 2nd Person, Feminine, Singular: "You kept".

The Wayyiqtol form is used as the regular narrative past tense in Biblical Hebrew prose, expressing the main line of action in a past tense … שָׁמְַ֫רתָּ.

Qal, Perfect, 3rd …

Show All Conj (Conjunction) Prep (Preposition) V (Verb) Art (Article) N (Noun) DirObjM (Direct Object) Pro (Pronoun) Adv (Adverb) I (Interjection) Interrog (Interrogative) PARSING TAG LEGEND: Hebrew Interlinear: 1. Biblical Hebrew Strong Verb Parsing: Qal Perfect and Imperfect.

Qal, Perfect, 2nd Person, Masculine, Singular: "You kept".

Qal, Perfect, 1st Person, Common, Singular: "I kept". Use for checking word inflection: complete verb tables, dictionary, search and pronunciation guide. שָׁמַר.

Hebrew Parsing Tag.

Courtesy of Helps Bible. Part of Speech: Type: Conj Conjunction:

שָׁמְַ֫רתִּי. The Wayyiqtol form is also known as a "prefix conjugation" because the subject pronoun of the verb is attached to the basic form as a prefix.

לֵךְ. qal imper 2ms, rise קוּם.

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